CZ TS 2 Orange-


A championship-level sport pistol developed in close cooperation with elite shooters on the CZ Shooting Team. Its parameters have been primarily optimized for competing in the IPSC Standard division and USPSA Limited division, but like other pistols in the CZ TS 2 series, it can also be used for other practical shooting disciplines.

 New Bull Barrel for increased accurracy, better recoil control and a significantily
longer service life
 Hand-fitted barrel-to-slide and slide-to-frame for the tightest tolerances
 CZ Shadow 2 Orange style front attachment system for quick and easy
sight removal
 Extra serrations on top front edge of slide ensure more
comfortable cocking
 Higher positioned ambidexiterous safeties
 Slightly reduced height magazine release button
 Modified recoil spring guide simplifies disassembly